Velodee Solutions

We’re an agile team that passionate about building great applications and games to run on PC and mobile devices.

Tech Stack

Python and Django, NodeJS, PHP and WordPress/Joomla, Objective-C/Swift (iOS) and Java (Android), Unity3D and Corona, Javascript and jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB (NoSQL), MacOS, Ubuntu, Centos and Vagrant, GIT and Mercurial, and more…


While we love working with stuffs we’re familiar with, we still spend time on researching other new stuffs. We can help you to pick the right tools and technologies right from the start for each project.

Customer Support

We know that customer satisfaction is crucial for our business. We still supports our customers when project closes. You will be our happy customer.

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Web Applications

Our team is using Python and PHP to create great web applications. We love working with Django and WordPress.

Mobile Applications

We have experience developing mobile applications including standalone apps or RESTful API apps.

Mobile Games

We loving making both 2D & 3D games with Unity3D and Corona. Our games can be run on both iOS and Android devices.

VoIP Solutions

We provide services of Call center, Billing, Carrier Grade, Unified Communications, Chat, XMPP, RTMP, Web Conference…

System Administration

Manage and keep your servers online 24/7

Open Source

We love open source. See us on Github and BitBucket.

“Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Velodee far exceeded our expectation: fast and reliable product delivery, friendly and responsive customer service.”

Tuan L. Hoang


“Velodee is a team of committed engineers. They consistently deliver well-crafted and creative solutions. Highly recommended for everyone!”

Liem Pham

Director, Novobi Vietnam

“You will find the passion, innovation and quality in Velodee’s people and products.”

Hoang Nguyen

Marketing Manager, ifm Vietnam

“Love the work of these guys here. Very responsive and flexible. Highly recommended.”

Kha Hoang

Senior Manager, Real Estate Map

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